Two years ago, schematics for a VR rig appeared on the Internet. It was open source and worked better than anything anyone had ever seen before. Cheap and affordable, it provided near perfect virtual reality. In addition, it could be worn while sleeping, allowing simulated REM sleep while you played your game. Gamers rejoiced, however no one knows who invented it.

About six months ago, rumors started appearing on gaming message boards. They spoke of a new game, a game so real you might forget you were playing. ELSEWHERE promised to be something incredible, but many didn’t believe the hype.

Then the screen shots appeared. Scenes of photo realistic landscapes and avatars so real that you couldn’t tell the difference between them and reality, displayed across gaming websites across the Web. Still, many believed it to be no more than doctored vapor ware.

About two weeks ago, Beta invites went out to industry professionals and the response was overwhelming. No one had ever experienced anything like ELSEWHERE. It was leaps and bounds above everything else. It was being called the perfect MMO.

Calls went out to praise the company responsible for making this game and they were met with silence. No one stepped forward to claim it. No one could even locate where the servers were based. Finally, after a couple of days, a gaming company did step forward and claim responsibility.

Within an hour, the company had been declared bankrupt as their bank accounts melted away. Shortly thereafter, every individual in the company discovered that they had been declared legally dead and their internet presence had been wiped completely clean. Afterwards, there were no signs of a cyber attack anywhere. Needless to say, no one attempted to claim the game after that.

Tonight ELSEWHERE opens its doors. All are invited and admission is free.


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